Class Information
6th Grade Exploratory Theatre and Communication Arts

In the Theatre and Communication Arts quarter students are introduced to theater activities. Students increase their confidence and ability to speak in front of groups for specific purposes. Students will gain a broad overview of theatre, acting, and how telling a story can influence and impact an audience. More information can be found in the Link to Class Syllabus.

Introduction to Theatre Arts
Intro to Theatre Arts is a one semester course in which students learn acting skills.  This is a beginning class where movement is used to teach the physical skills of acting.  Students learn different vocal skills to strengthen acting abilities through given circumstances.  Scene work, games, and activities strengthen skills and build ensemble.  This course is open to students in grades 7-8. More information can be found in the Link to Class Syllabus.

Intro to A/V and Film

Students will explore the elements of storytelling through the principals of audio and video production. They will explore the 3 stages of production: pre-production, production, and post-production. Students will utilize video cameras and edition software to bring their visions to life. In addition to technology skills students will enhance their knowledge of expressing themselves through sound, image, action, and movement. They will use their imaginations and creativity to conceptualize and problem solve, expanding their time management skills in this project based curriculum. This course is open to students in grades 7-8. More information can be found in the Link to Class Syllabus.

Advanced A/V and Film
Students must have taken Intro to A/V & Film. In this course students will produce multiple independent films. Advanced film has an in depth focus on script writing, storyboarding, and cinematography, along with creating a more in depth experience by creating longer films. Students will work on larger projects specifically focusing on creating characters, editing, and effects. Students will practice techniques used by directors, screenwriters, and actors who participate in movies and television. More information can be found in the Link to Class Syllabus