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6th Grade Math (Course 1)
This is the first of a three-year math sequence of courses designed to prepare students for college preparatory Algebra. Students use problem-solving strategies, questioning, investigating, analyzing, gathering and constructing evidence, and communicating rigorous arguments to justify their thinking. 

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Exploratory Spanish, Grades 7 & 8
In this class students will be introduced to the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. Students will learn basic Spanish information like colors, numbers, and common phrases, and be able to introduce themselves and communicate their basic needs. Students will be able construct scripted conversations and answer a variety of common questions. Students are expected to actively participate in listening to music, watching videos, singing, dancing, reading, writing, and speaking. 

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In this class students will have a homebase to make connections with other students, ask questions, get help, and share whole-school experiences.  Homeroom meets daily and incorporates WIN (What I Need) time to allow for all students to get the help they need to be successful.  
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