Dabelstein, Deidra (Dee Dee)

Deidra (Dee Dee) Dabelstein
ELA and Social Studies Teacher, Summit Trail Middle School


Voice Mail: 425-413-3290 x9761, Email: [email protected]
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Class Calendar: Here!

All assignments, projects, and (occasional) test information, including due dates, are posted in our Google Classroom. You will need to sign in with your GoTahoma email address and password. Remember, Google Classroom is not a gradebook. In Google Classroom, I will post a grade based on the rubric, but the actual percentage and letter will be found elsewhere. You will need to check Skyward for scores and grades. Click the Class Information link along the left for my syllabus and other important information about our class.

Special Supplies Required:

  • Pens- blue, black, and another color of your choice
  • Highlighter
  •  Post-it Notes
  • Pencils (on going supply)
  • A composition or spiral notebook (that stays in the classroom)
    •  One per class you have with Ms. Dabelstein

  • Computer access and internet (will help with success)

Grading Guideline:

  •  Category Weights:: Our grading is based on the skills our students work on throughout the year.
  • Summative Assessment- 60%

Formative Work-40%

  • Late Work
  •  Formative work is due BEFORE the summative assessment. 
  •  Summative work is due BEFORE the next summative assessment. 

  • Special circumstances may come up, please contact me so we can discuss each individual case. 

If you do not turn your work in on time, you will need to fill out a late work form. On the late work form, you must list the following: Name of assignment (as it is in Skyward) and a short explanation of why the assignment is late must be filled out complete with parent signature. . 

  • How to check student progress:

Check Skyward for current grade and any missing work. The code MS (missing) and I (incomplete) will be used. Additionally, we know that life happens, and sometimes things come up for a student and/or family.  Please let us know, so that we can assist your student and make arrangements so that they can be successful.