Day 1 Update from the Principal

Day 1 Update from the Principal
Posted on 09/02/2020

Greetings STMS Families,
We learned a lot today! First, we were reminded about the awesomeness of our students and families.  I enjoyed popping into many class Zoom sessions today behind teachers here at school and truly enjoyed welcoming our Grizzlies back to Summit Trail. Second, our staff loves working with our students and interacting with them. We had teachers sharing story after story of their interactions with kids and the new strategies and tools that they are using.  Finally, rolling out new formats and systems is incredibly challenging and takes a lot of patience. Thank you to all the students, staff, and families members who leaned in today, and spent more time and effort than normal to help connect us all together.
Today was a sample of how our school community is pulling together as we experience the most unusual start in school history. We are explorers, experiencing new ways of learning as we make our way along an unfamiliar route.  I am proud of every student who joined us as we set out to discover the learning that lies ahead.
One protocol change that we are going to start tomorrow is around student entrances to Zoom calls. For the purpose of student safety, and making sure an online participant is who they say they are, we are requiring students to be accepted to the call one at a time by the staff member.  This may take a little longer. We need our teachers to see each student with their camera “on” briefly to confirm their entrance to Zoom. After that, they can either keep their camera “on” or turn the video off immediately after confirmation. Our student safety is very important to us, and while we can monitor and control many things while in the Zoom setting, we need to ensure that the correct students are the only participants in the class discussion.
It was such a joy to see so many kids today, to see their first day of school pictures on social media, and we appreciate the parents who have sent in kind and supportive messages the last few days. We greatly value the support of our families and communities to make this start as positive and successful as possible.

Sean Cassidy

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