Stroup, Renee

Ms. Stroup
7th & 8th Gr. English Language Arts Teacher, Summit Trail

Voice Mail: 425-413-3290x9489, Email:


So excited to meet you all over the next few days!!!
Everything you need to know about our class on the first day of school, you can find in your email!
You should have a message with the google classroom link (your Zoom Link! will be there) *Just enrolled? Don’t see the message? Please send me an email and I will get you the information!*
After you have gone to my classroom and found the zoom link, please do the form so that I know you have the link) thanks!

The first day of school is a blue day
2nd period Google Classroom 10:30-11:45 (Blue day) code: 2n5s4qw 3rd period Google Classroom   1:00-2:15 (Blue day) code: qppgltu

4th period Google Classroom  9:00-10:15 (Gold day) code: ovbjx7o
5th period Google Classroom 10:30-11:45 (Gold day) code: iphnn3c
6thperiod Google Classroom1:00-2:15 (Gold day)code: 

Homeroom Google Classroom12:15-12:30 (Everyday) code: efj7oxw

All assignment, project, and test information, including due dates, are posted in our 
Google Classroom. You will need to sign in with your GoTahoma email address and password. Remember, Google Classroom is not a gradebook. In Google Classroom, I will mark your score if the assignment is to be graded. However, for your final grade for the assignment will need to check Skyward. Click the Class Information link along the left for my syllabus and other important information about our class.

Parents and Guardians

I post all assignment, project, and test details, including due dates, in Google Classroom, which all students in my classes have access to from any device. Upcoming assignments and projects will also appear on the class calendar (see left sidebar of this page). If you would like to subscribe to daily or weekly email summaries of what’s due and what’s on the horizon, send me your email address and and I’ll send you an invitation.  

Google Classroom is not a gradebook. For grades and missing assignments, please check Skyward. You can also check the Calendar page on this site to see events and due dates.

Click the Class Information link along the left for my syllabus and other important information about our class.