Class Information
Exploratory Spanish, Grades 7 & 8
In this class students will be introduced to the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. Students will learn basic Spanish information like colors, numbers, and common phrases, and be able to introduce themselves and communicate their basic needs. Students will be able construct scripted conversations and answer a variety of common questions. Students are expected to actively participate in listening to music, watching videos, singing, dancing, reading, writing, and speaking. 

Stretch/Homeroom, 7th grade
In this class students will have a homebase to make connections with other students, ask questions, get help, and share whole-school experiences.  Homeroom meets daily and incorporates WIN (What I Need) time to allow for all students to get the help they need to be successful.  

Leadership, Grades 7 & 8
This course introduces students to the principles of servant leadership. Students will become more self-aware and be able to translate that awareness into how to deal with and perceive others.   The class is primarily experientially based and emphasizes the importance of communication, character, personal growth, and building strong relationships and teams.  Also covered will be listening skills, perceptions, conflict styles, personality, and group formation.  A variety of lessons and activities will be used to facilitate the learning of skills and will be used, along with various media, to reinforce those skills throughout the semester.