Andrews, Vasili

Vasili K. Andrews
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6th Grade High Cap Humanities & 7th/8th Business Elective

Voice Mail: 425-413-3290 (x9490), Email: [email protected]

Everything you need to get into my classes on the first day of school you can find in your Skyward/Email!

You should have already received a message with the Google Classroom code AND the recurring Zoom Links for each class. However, Google Classroom codes are below, and the Zoom links for each class are on each respective Google Classroom. 

*Just enrolled? Need help? Have a question? Please send me an email and I will get you the information!*

Google Classroom Codes


All assignments, projects, and test information -- including due dates -- are posted in our Google Classroom. You will need to sign in with your Go.Tahoma email address and password. Remember, Google Classroom is not a gradebook. Some items are graded in Classroom, but the official grades are posted in Skyward. You will need to check Skyward for scores and grades. 

Parents and Guardians

I post all assignment, project, and test details, including due dates, in Google Classroom, which all students in my classes have access to from any device.  Google Classroom is not a gradebook. For grades and missing assignments, please check Skyward